choice good, optionalitymaxxing bad; asymmetric information rules everything around me; commit and cultivate
most productivity stuff is a waste of time and energy, you consume too much content, this post almost got lost in my notes, lent log off
walking is good, pathological 'rationalism', wtf New England burns oil for energy production
long time no see, SAD? not even a little, energymaxxing
I work at a think tank now, becoming a meme, keep writing, looking for my next full-time role, and free Bitcoin!
mansion parties are sick, you have agency, nihilism is the mind killer, Sasha made me write it, China is building nuclear—why aren't we?
I bought a bike, how the m*tav*rse got rekt, intro to NGMI, a few gameverses and use-cases
spending 2022 in Austin, invested in convertkit, open-sourcing my plans, you don't need a title to lead a community
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