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Hello Friends,

I am excited to announce that I have started a new, full-time job as the Chief Operating Officer of

Indie Thinkers is a private community for independent intellectuals. It was founded a bit over a year and a half ago by my friend Justin and has grown beyond his initial aspirations. It’s unlikely that I would have started publishing Seeking Tribe if I hadn’t joined Indie Thinkers.

One of the initial service offerings for the community was consistent, four hour work sessions, three days a week. You join a zoom call, everyone goes around and says what they’re going to accomplish during the session, and the meeting leader runs the session using the pomodoro technique (45 minutes on, 10 minutes off). During the breaks, people tend to casually chat and I’ve built relationships with awesome people just from consistently showing up. I joined the community after randomly dropping into one of the free work sessions, after Justin had tweeted about it. If…No…When this opportunity ends up being a pivotal moment in my career, it will be another huge W for serendipity on the internet.

The current services that Indie Thinkers provides are:

  • work sessions

  • a private forum where members exchange feedback on work and ideas, find collaborators, and learn from one another

  • a library of proprietary content to help indie thinkers to get started and achieve their goals

  • private Q&As with successful independent intellectuals like Pamela Hobart, ‘Meme Analysis’, and Wes Yang

  • member led workshops on everything from ‘Automations for Creators’ to ‘The Romantic Reaction’

  • [supplemental] cohort-based courses, which so far have focused on philosophers like Leo Strauss, René Girard, etc. and have been taught by PhDs (I am enrolled in the Girard Course, insights from my study of Girard coming in future posts)

  • recurring ‘conferences’ to share work, set goals, and learn from others( and soon our first members-only, in-person ‘conference’ in Austin, Texas)

  • a diverse selection of high-openness, courageous people who intend to influence the world and build new institutions

My initial role at Indie Thinkers will be focused on two primary objectives:

  • Refine our operations, offerings, and practices to help more of our members to become wildly successful in their ventures

  • Recruit new, values-aligned members to grow our community

Not everyone reading this post will be a good fit for our community. My intention with this post is not to sell all of you on joining.

However, some of you who are reading this would be an excellent fit for the Indie Thinkers community and almost every one of you knows at least one person who would benefit from joining.

To be fully transparent, whether or not this job continues to exist and can sustain my lifestyle in Austin is fully dependent on me being wildly successful in both of the aforementioned primary objectives. I will be writing more about my experience and learnings from this adventure and the bottom of future posts will encourage you to consider joining or tell your ‘Indie Thinker friend’ to look into it. Do not feel pressured to join, but do feel strongly encouraged to tell your Indie Thinker friend they don’t have to feel alone, there’s a community looking for them.

My aspiration for this post was to share my excitement for this opportunity and create a reference I can send people to if they don’t understand my answer to “so what do you do for work?”. It feels wonderful to again have an outlet for my creativity that can simultaneously pay my bills. I’ve been trying to find something this aligned with my personal mission and skill set since I departed iZone in May 2020 and it has been quite the journey to get here!

Don’t be surprised when the website copy changes from “Indie Thinkers is a private community for independent intellectuals” to something more ambitious.

I’m intent on making sure this is just the first step on a great adventure.

Your Friend,

If you think you may be interested in joining, check out or reply to this email/DM me.

Even if you’re not interested, I’d love to hear from you directly!

Whether Indie Thinkers is or is not for you, please consider sending this post to your Indie Thinker friend or simply press share:


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