No Coincidences, Only Vibrational Alignments

Intentions, the Power of my Poasts, and I'm moving to Austin on Monday!

Hi Friends,

There is no such thing as a coincidence.

The fact that you’re reading this Seeking Tribe post means that you’re vibrationally aligned with me and this message.

Your thoughts create your reality, but you already knew that…, however, if you don’t know that the last 2.5 sentences are a meme, here’s the original video.

The associated topics of perception, intentions, and vibes are of genuine interest to me. I briefly touched on them in my book:

We see only a sliver of the world. Our bodies cannot process all the stimuli around us and still function at a high level. Human beings evolved over generations and generations by natural selection. Our survival has required humans to be able to intensely focus and prioritize awareness of some aspects of our environment while ignoring others.

A few months ago, I woke up at 6 a.m. to go exercise before work. While half-asleep, I wandered out my door and began my morning commute. As I walked to the gym, I hardly noticed any of my environment. I did not see the stop sign at the end of my street. I did not see my neighbor’s grey Toyota Camry in their driveway. I did not see the cigarette butts strewn along the sidewalk. Suddenly, I jumped a foot in the air and was fully alert. My attention was focused intensely on the sidewalk right where I was about to step. What had startled me? A black cable that vaguely looked like a snake.

The full section can be found for free here.

As I’ve mentioned in previous iterations of Seeking Tribe, including A Time to Poast and a Time to Log Off, the diversity of experiences that the digital world allows us to select into (and be selected into) enables us to alter our perception of reality in radically different ways. These digital forces likewise enable us to put out intentions into the world which lead to real experiences and opportunities in our embodied lives.

Since I made my last Substack post a month ago, I have had a whirlwind of experiences:

  • Spent a week at my friend’s family’s cottage on Skaneateles Lake

  • Moved out of my apartment with the help of my [now former] roommate, Joey, and my Mom

  • Visited New York City with one of my best friends, Mac, for a week, where I connected in-person with over 30 people who I had ‘met’ online over the last two years

  • Most of these people were met via a last-minute meetup at one of the remaining dive bars in Williamsburg, Lady Jay’s, where 18 (!?!?!) people showed up

  • Spent time with my family

  • Signed a short-term lease to move to Austin, Texas

Right now, I am making the final preparations to move to Austin. I will fly out of Rochester this upcoming Monday night, with my laptop and two bags of clothes (a bed is going to meet me at my apartment).

After I sent my last post, I reached out to a couple people who live in Austin and echoed my interest in taking the leap down there. Within a week, I received an offer to work full-time on an interesting project (still figuring out the details) and a phone call from my [future] roommate about the aforementioned lease. This process was not all sunshine and rainbows but it could’ve been worse. I’m certainly taking a risk right now, since there’s still a bit to figure out, but taking this leap seems to be my best option by far.

These past two years have been full of uncertainty and instability, with a few periods of solid routine but no long-term plans. I would rather take a risk which will allow me to change my environment, plan, and get exposure to new people and experiences than delay any longer.

We live in a strange new world. It’s easy to succumb to fear, uncertainty, and doubt, especially if that’s the media that you surround yourself with. You know what risks you can afford to take more than anyone else. But, if there are no coincidences and if you’re reading this for a reason, consider borrowing a little of my courage to take your own leap. The time may never be more right than it is now.

It’s time to make big plays!

Your Friend,

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