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Interesting :) thanks, so curious, what you saying here is that the people who have the problems second brain can solve & have the ability to follow the second brain approach is small right?

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Great summary!

P.S. Super jinx but that was literally a few posts below in my substack app today :D https://felixfutzbucker.substack.com/p/you-dont-need-a-second-brain

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this was awesome Grant!

Similar to you, I’ve really struggled with information overload & trying to cram as much content in my head as possible. I’ve deleted apps, deleted social media, trialed a flip phone.

I BASB in the beginning of 2021 and while it’s immensely useful to save highlights from what I’ve read and a huge part of my writing process, I haven’t found it’s helped me reduce information overload & even exacerbated it at times. Saving hundreds of things a week to read later, requiring a ton of maintenance, etc.

Humans are evolutionary evolved to be information foragers and we live in an intense information economy which kinda means the deck is stacked against us. A second brain feels like addressing the symptom instead of the cause.

The root of the problem (to me) is embracing the fact I will never know everything I want to know, and will miss out and be ignorant on almost everything... and that’s okay.

Loved this :)

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