I work at a think tank now, becoming a meme, keep writing, looking for my next full-time role, and free Bitcoin!
mansion parties are sick, you have agency, nihilism is the mind killer, Sasha made me write it, China is building nuclear—why aren't we?
I bought a bike, how the m*tav*rse got rekt, intro to NGMI, a few gameverses and use-cases
spending 2022 in Austin, invested in convertkit, open-sourcing my plans, you don't need a title to lead a community
liberal localism; choice excerpts from Dark Age Ahead: theory vs. reality, on credentialism, real news is local, the Chicago Heat Wave, subsidiarity an…
good morning; a little dose of optimism; now is a time for action; I need your help! we all do; beneficent spirals all the way up
I don't want to live in the world y'all think is inevitable; it's time to consider the social costs of our trajectory; let's talk about the post-pandem…
my original book project, German rejection, the basics of my Bitcoin thesis, simping for shl0ms, a few spicy crypto takes
mega summer is over; reads on: complexity, mimetic 'tourettes', how to win the bachelor, mediums and signaling, a look into bureaucracy, dark age of co…
say no to utopia; I'm an optimist, baby; a little dark age as a treat and the rise of piracy (again)
thanks for the feedback, more like seeking funding, my background in community, leading through example
quick survey, beginning to research my next book, my Kanye hat, initial Donda review