no-longer funemployed, intro to, connect me to your 'indie thinker friends'
choice good, optionalitymaxxing bad; asymmetric information rules everything around me; commit and cultivate
visceral downsides of being public online, am I your kind of weird?, and burning [metaphorical] ships is good actually [cont.]
I work at a think tank now, becoming a meme, keep writing, looking for my next full-time role, and free Bitcoin!
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on the virtues and perils of being extremely online
RenΓ© Girard, mimetic desire, body painting, and elite peer pressure
mansion parties are sick, you have agency, nihilism is the mind killer, Sasha made me write it, China is building nuclearβ€”why aren't we?
American Lightning Rods, Rube Goldberg Montages, and My Impressive Friends
mega summer is over; reads on: complexity, mimetic 'tourettes', how to win the bachelor, mediums and signaling, a look into bureaucracy, dark age of…
most productivity stuff is a waste of time and energy, you consume too much content, this post almost got lost in my notes, lent log off
I bought a bike, how the m*tav*rse got rekt, intro to NGMI, a few gameverses and use-cases